Best Games Similar to Planet Zoo

Best Games Similar to Planet Zoo

Planet Zoo is a simulation game that is similar to Planet Coaster. Planet Zoo has an open world with many different animals. The player can design buildings and habitats for the animals and also get to choose the location of the zoo. Creating a zoo is a lot of work, and the player is often in charge of feeding and caring for the animals, but it is a rewarding feeling when the player's hard work pays off in a successful zoo.

Pets in Space

Pets in Space is a simulation game where you take care of a wide variety of cute and exotic animals. From the humble lab rat to the majestic elephant, you'll care for your pets in a series of challenging minigames.


Mythology is a game about the ancient world, where you take the role of a God or Goddess to spread your influence across the lands. You can take on the role of Zeus to rain thunderbolts, or become the goddess Isis to save the world.

The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom

The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom is a quirky puzzle game where you take on the role of a strange bunny-like creature. With each level, you'll be tasked with completing complex puzzles while using time travel to your advantage.


Osmos is a game about physics, where you take control of a strange creature in a strange world. You'll need to use your creativity to navigate the world while consuming other creatures to stay alive.


Hawken is a unique first-person shooter, where you take control of a mech. The game takes place in a gritty, industrial setting, where corporate greed has turned the world into a desolate wasteland.